INDOHCF Innovation Award III - 2019

Varises Indonesia up to Next Level EduHealth Apps

Answering the chalenge of the Award Competitions of Indonesia Healthcare Forum III – 2019 held by Idsmed partnering with Halodoc, Varises Indonesia share the Vein Specialist expertise of Varicose vein Problems in Indonesia.
44 Millions of Indonesian estimated to have the risk of Varicose Veins, it was 30% of the total adult indonesian people. Varises, the familiarly mentioned, were neglected all along, never been put as such an important matters. Varises Indonesia project, as one initial topic Vascular Indonesia brought.

Please feel kind to support the Upscaling efforts, share to all of the social medias, tag #dukungvarisesindonesia @indohcfaward & @halodoc

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