HASHTAG INDONESIA - Health Apps & Startup Technology Airlangga Generation in Indonesia

Virtual Event, October 10th 2020. Vascular Indonesia held one Important Exciting situations, 2 days meeting via Zoom. It is a HASTAG 2.0 event. Health Apps & Startup Technology Airlangga Generation 2020, arranged by ABA, Medical Student’s (Airlangga Bursa Aesculap). There were 2 Healthtech classes, 5 Imppressive Workshops (Building Health Startup, Medical Entrepreneurship, Telehealth, Robotic, Drones & AI for Healthcare, Medical Photography + Leadership in Healthtech), also Incubator-Founder-Investor & Accelerator forum were also prepared in HASTAG 2.0. Pitching Battle Competitions & Digital Health Award are two main Contests. It was the 2nd Event, in 2020, next 2021 will be planning to Jakarta (or even Trilogy : Surabaya-Jakarta-Bern).
Find HASTAG info in the motivated healthtech event gathering meeting & Attractions.
Niko Azhari Hidayat MD ( mention, it was a Inspireful events, & Upgrading the Value of Digital Health Technology, brought from the background of Academics. Universitas Airlangga took part as it Excellences in the Upraise of Technology in Indonesia.

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